3 Great Reasons to Get Wooden Exterior Shutters in Sydney

3 Great Reasons to Get Wooden Exterior Shutters in Sydney

3 Great Reasons to Get Wooden Exterior Shutters in Sydney

Wooden shutters have been around for centuries yet remain just as popular nowadays and for good reasons. Even with the advent of modern options like vinyl and outdoor aluminium plantation shutters, many still prefer getting traditional ones made from hardwood. Why is this so?


In this piece, we will go over a few excellent reasons why you might want to get wooden plantation shutters for your home.  Only then can you decide whether it is the right window treatment for you.


Wooden shutters are about as durable as aluminium external shutters

Plantation shutters made of solid hardwood have high durability rivalling that of  metal and more expensive counterparts. Prices for aluminium plantation shutters can be rather steep which explains why you will not commonly find them in homes despite being one of the toughest window treatments around. Screens that manufacturers make from cedar wood, in particular, are just as sturdy and can resist moisture and wood-eating pests such as termites thanks to its’ natural tanning oil.


Protection against the elements

Wooden plantation shutters are very efficient when it comes to dissipating UV rays which can prove harmful to the skin. Hence these screens can prove invaluable especially on a hot summer afternoon.


As an added convenience, you can get motorised external louvres that you can operate remotely. While it may significantly bump up the cost, motorised shutters are a handy feature to have as it will let you adjust the slats without having to walk right in front of the screens.


Improve aesthetics

Wooden shutters are an excellent way to spice up your home making your humble abode look beautiful and elegant at the same time. You can choose a finish that offers a traditional look or one with rustic or contemporary designs.

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