5 Reasons to Get Glass Louvres in Sydney

Image of a Glass Louvres

Image of a Glass LouvresAre you in the market for glass louvre windows but are not quite certain if they are a good alternative to the more traditional wood and aluminium shutters in Sydney? In truth, glass louvres also belong to conventional designs and has attracted renewed interests among many homeowners in Australia today.


Why is this so?

In this article, we will take a look at a few advantages of getting glass louvres over say, external aluminium louvres and other options in the market.  Only then can you determine whether glass louvres are the most suitable type of window treatment for your home.


What do fixed glass louvres have to offer?


Visual appeal

Perhaps the main reason why people buy into glass louvres is that they look fantastic. These grilles look stylish and modern;

There is none of the awkwardness of old-style louvre windows in today’s contemporary styles.


Saves Energy

It may come as a shock to find that you can use glass louvres to decrease your home’s energy expenditures. These window treatments are a fantastic alternative to exhaust fans in your restroom, as they permit steamy air to escape and help to prevent moisture buildup in damp areas of your home. These louvres can likewise be utilised in other rooms to provide ventilation and cooling, minimising the requirement for fans and air conditioning.


For even greater energy efficiency, you can choose to have your glass louvres custom made as toned or low-E glass. These types of glass further reduce heat dissipation from inside your home.


If saving energy, money, or the environment is very important to you, then it is time you considered incorporating louvre windows in your house!


Air Flow

Unlike energy efficiency, optimal air ventilation is a rather obvious benefit of glass louvre windows. Nevertheless, it is a benefit that is too important not to mention.


With the maximum ventilation offered by louvre windows, you can keep your house much more comfortable and cooler during – both benefits that many Australians would surely enjoy.



There is a common misconception that choosing anything less than aluminium screens would mean sacrificing your privacy which is not necessarily the case. Glass louvres can come in frosted or opaque colours that maintain one’s privacy. You can also adjust the louvres at an angle that permits fresh air to enter your home while keeping your indoor spaces private and invisible to onlookers.


Easy Cleansing

When it comes to glass louvre windows, it is probably safe to state that no other type of window treatment is as easy to keep clean. You can clean the whole window pane, inside and out, from inside your house. The latter is especially useful for high flooring windows that are hard to access or reach.


So there you have it – a few good reasons why glass louvres might just be the ideal type of window treatment for your home!

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