Available Options for Exterior Shutters in Sydney

Available Options for Exterior Shutters in Sydney

Available Options for Exterior Shutters in Sydney

Available Options for Exterior Shutters in Sydney

What material is best for outdoor plantation shutters?

Are you looking to get exterior shutters in Sydney? If so then you are probably wondering about the best material that is best for such window treatments. Available choices in material for outdoor plantation shutters have their own distinctive characteristics, which make quite a challenge along with a bunch of other factors that need to be considered – cost, durability, functionality, etc.

People now days will find no shortage of options in terms of material for their outdoor window shutters from conventional wooden shutters to more modern alternatives like PVC, fibreglass and other composite materials. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the distinctive characteristics of such materials if only to determine which type actually suits you best.

Types of external window shutters

Vinyl outdoor shutters

Are you looking for the most inexpensive solution in exterior window shutters? You certainly can’t go wrong with the ones that are made of vinyl which is generally the most inexpensive in the market. Vinyl shutters are easy to set up and install although its hollow construction means that installing it on hinges is not an option which can be an issue in some homes.

Vinyl exterior shutters are a quick and inexpensive way of going about one’s window treatments although some people generally don’t like its plastic appearance. As a material, vinyl also isn’t very durable so don’t expect it to last very long as they tend to warp over time even with regular maintenance.

Wooden external shutters

For many people, nothing beats the classic appeal of a wooden exterior shutter. Wood has many advantages as a window shutter. For one thing it is very functional and can be painted to complement any home interior. In addition to its timeless appeal, it’s easy to see why wood is a very popular option for exterior shutters in Sydney and is fairly easy to procure.

Of course as a material, wood certainly has its disadvantages among the most significant of which is cost. A wooden shutter can be quite expensive especially the ones that are made of premium hardwood. However most people would agree that is well worth the cost and can last many years with proper maintenance. Wood can rot when exposed to excessive heat and moisture hence it’s a good idea to repaint wooden exterior shutters every couple of years to maximise the service life.

PVC exterior shutters

Are you looking for a solid material for your exterior window shutters without having to resort to anything too expensive? An outdoor shutter made from PVC can be the ideal option and a step up from cheap vinyl shutters. PVC shutters can be installed on a hinge and are fairly functional. Unlike vinyl, PVC can be painted and some even have a wooden matte finish simulating the appearance of a premium wooden shutter without the cost. Such shutters however don’t last nearly as long as that of hardwood external shutters and will have to be replaced every few years.

Fibreglass exterior shutters

Are you looking for exterior shutters in Sydney that are guaranteed to last you several lifetimes? If so, then you simply can’t go wrong with fibreglass external shutters. Such shutters can easily cost you a small fortune but are certainly built to last. Its lightweight construction makes for easy installation and the modern material is an excellent insulator making it extremely functional as a window shutter.

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