4 Reasons Why You Should Install Roller Shutters When Carrying Out Your Next Home Renovation Project

Are curtains too garish for your tastes and slat blinds too cold and formal? Perhaps you should consider using roller shutters for your home during your next renovation project?


What are roller shutters?


Roller blinds are window or door-length window treatments made of cloth,wood, aluminium, and PVC to name a few. For some, the roller mechanism is manual, which means that there are small chains at the side, so you can lower the shutters or retract them whenever needed. For others, an electric motor is attached to a bi-directional button, so you can raise or lower the windows with a single touch of a button.


A similar design is used for external shutters, and these are known as roller shutters. In the case of roller shutters, they are used more for security, as the “rolling material” is made of interlocking metal slats, hinged, and reinforced to withstand attempts to break in.


What are the benefits?


Roller shutters and roller blinds have the following advantages upon installation:



  • Minimalist, compact design



Because of the way the roller mechanism is made, roller blinds can be unobtrusive, and in fact, the casing can even be painted in the same colour as the room’s walls, or it can have design plates (wooden faces, etc.) put over it, so that it is not noticeable.



  • Easy Installation



All you need are some screws, and perhaps a motorised screwdriver, to install the roller blind mechanism on top of a window frame. At worst, you may need screws suitable for concrete which is available in hardware stores. You can also obtain the services of a professional installer if necessary.



  • Versatile Window Treatment



Given the actual roller shutters material, you can ask for particular shades to match with the room’s theme. In some cases, you can even have custom designs printed out, though simple subdued hues without any design are more minimalist and soothing.

If used correctly, a room can look expensive and relaxing with the blinds up and can suddenly be very formal – which is useful in an office setting – once the blinds are fully down.



  • Hassle-Free Maintenance



Roller blinds and external plantation shutters are easy to maintain, and with proper use can probably last for many years before needing repairs or replacement.

Although roller shutters and blinds are better known for use in the office, they are very effective in the home, particularly if you have large sliding doors or wide windows.


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