A Quick Guide on How to Choose and Install Outdoor Shutters

an image of classic outdoor window shutters

Choosing the right outdoor shutters for your home can be a daunting task. If you are planning a DIY project for outdoor shutters installation, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.



  • Choose the right size and dimension for outdoor shutters



The first and most important step is to choose the right size of external shutters. You can achieve this by measuring the existing windows where you plan on installing the shutters. If your windows do not feature standard window sizes and dimensions, you can request for customised shutters for an additional fee.



  • Choose the material for your outdoor shutters



Outdoor shutters for decks, patios, and windows come in various materials. Choose the material based on the space where you plan to install them. For instance, wooden shutters are perfect for interior spaces, whilst aluminum and vinyl shutters are ideal for outdoor living areas such as the patio and deck.


DIY Outdoor Shutters Installation



  • Remove the old shutters or window treatments



Avoid prying or pulling the existing shutters or window treatment if they are fastened to the house. Improper deinstallation can result in permanent damage which means more work to be done before you can install your external shutters.



  • How to install new shutters



  • Hold the shutters next to the window and mark the holes where you will be drilling the screws. Use pilot holes when drilling for external shutters installation.
  • Do not overtighten during drilling as this may result in crack around the screw holes.
  • When installing vinyl external sliding shutters, bear in mind that this material responds to the weather. It may expand or contract at any time. To reduce the incidence of warping, do not attach the shutters tightly. Lastly, make sure to drill holes that are ¼ larger than the fastener.


You may also obtain the services of professional installers if you want to save time or if you have little knowledge on how to install shutters at home.


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