How to Choose Awnings for your Sydney Home

image of a high quality window awning

Awnings not only function as stylish decorative fixtures at home but present a convenient window treatment that provide shade and protection to you and the interior spaces of your home.


Superior-quality awnings present effective protection against the sun’s harsh UV rays and also help in reducing energy costs all year round.


If this is your first time purchasing awnings for your home, here are some things to consider.


Strategic placement of fixed awnings

The most common spaces where fixed awnings are installed are on the patio, outdoor porch or terrace. Besides protection from harsh environmental factors such as sunlight, wind, and rain, awnings also have the inherent ability of protecting furniture and items installed in outdoor spaces.


By installing retractable awnings, you successfully extend the living spaces beyond your home. With more outdoor space for you and your family, you can create patio gardens or an area where you can lounge and entertain guests without spending a fortune on remodelling or home extension projects.


Fixed or retractable awnings?

The type of awnings for installation will depend on the area and use.

  • If you want to install awnings on top of doors, entryways, and windows, we highly recommend fixed awnings. One major selling point of installing fixed awnings over these areas of the home is that they will always provide protection whatever the weather may be.
  • Retractable awnings are ideal for patios, porches, and terraces since you can adjust based on weather conditions. For sunny days, you can simply retract a motorised awning in seconds.


How much does it cost for an awning?

The price of awnings will depend on a host of factors including construction material, size, colour, and style. On average, expect to pay at least $500 for a standard-sized retractable awning that covers entryway and external windows.


To get the exact cost of awnings and installation, we are more than happy to provide you with a quote. You can reach us on 02 8858 0900 for additional enquiries.