The Advantages of Choosing Timber Blinds for your Home

Image of Timber Blinds






Many homeowners nowadays prefer to install timber Venetian blinds over traditional curtains and other window coverings. The purpose and use of Venetian blinds are the same as curtains and more.


If you want a more stylish and modern feel to your home, consider purchasing timber blinds instead.


Here are reasons why you should buy Venetian blinds made from wood or timber as default window coverings for a stylish home.


Privacy and Natural Lighting

The two primary functions of window coverings are:

  • Blocks the entry of light from outside the home
  • Establishes privacy inside the home


Aside from efficiently blocking sunlight from outdoors, timber blinds are also known to create a shutter effect. This helps to regulate the amount of sunlight that can enter the home. People who have light sensitivity issues should use timber Venetian or wooden blinds so they can move around the house without problems.


Privacy is important for all homeowners. Venetian blinds and wooden blinds prevent passersby from having a clear view of a home’s interior. Wooden blinds are important especially in private spaces of the home.


Aside from privacy, timber blinds also allow for the entry of sunlight in certain rooms of the home. With easy access of natural light, homeowners avoid the use of artificial lighting systems, thus reducing energy bills as well.


If you want to create certain moods inside the home without having to use artificial lighting, Venetian blinds are the perfect solution. To change the mood from upbeat to romantic, adjusting the shades will give you the ambiance that you desire.


Flexible Window Covering

Venetian blinds adjust well to different interior design styles and themes. This is due to the fact that they come in a variety of sizes, colours, and prints. Venetian blinds are extremely flexible and can be installed to fit perfectly in traditional or contemporary spaces.


Although the main function of Venetian blinds is to cover windows, it may also be used to cover other entryways or panels inside the home. You can install it on top of sliding doors or to serve as a partition.


Easy Installation and Minimal Upkeep

Unlike curtains that need to be installed painstakingly every few weeks or months, Venetian blinds are rather easy to place over windows. In addition,  once installed, cleaning only requires the use of a damp cloth. Unlike curtains that need to be washed on a regular basis, timber blinds are rather low maintenance since cleaning is a breeze.


You can avoid spending on professional service installation if you choose Venetian and timber blinds. Most timber blinds and Venetian blinds available for online purchase come with a detailed instruction guide on how to install them properly.


How much do wooden blinds cost?

On average, expect to pay at least $50 for one unit of a standard-sized timber blind. Depending on the quality of wood, finish, and design, wooden blind prices may rise up to $200 per blind.

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