The Advantages of Installing Patio Awnings for Sydney Homeowners

Arizona backyard with automatic retractable awning for extra

Retractable patio awnings are a popular semi-permanent shade solution available for houses and commercial establishments. However, the truth is, no one seems to give retractable patio awnings much thought.


Surprisingly, patio awnings have a very rich and colourful history.


The History of Patio Awnings

The first known use of patio awnings probably started when someone realised that their tent flap or a wide swatch of cloth could be used as a temporary shade from the sun, as long as you support them with poles.

However, ancient Romans, used large scale awnings (like those presumably used in the coliseums) which were gigantic moving sails that could be brought out to help shade the audience and then moved out of the way to let the cool air in, once the sun wasn’t at a direct angle anymore. In fact, some historians suspect that the people who created, operated and maintained these gigantic awnings were probably sailors who had skills in creating actual sails.


Moving forward to the industrial age, awnings were given a rather metallic treatment – thin tin or steel was used to create small awnings over windows, so that sunlight wouldn’t go in directly through the windows.

However, as time went on, the fabric awning made a comeback, and today, we use special sunproof materials for our retractable patio awnings.


Benefits of Using Retractable Patio Awnings at Home

Retractable awnings aren’t just about aesthetic beauty or having a simple shade from the sun. Awnings also have the following benefits that can save you money and so much more.



  • Protection from harsh UV light


When you block sunlight, you also block UV light from damaging fabric and other material. In terms of direct sunlight, you can prevent fading in drapes, blinds and furniture covers, while at the same time keeping leather pieces soft and supple. The same goes for your hardwood floors, as even if you use the best anti-UV light floor additives and polishes, UV light will still eventually get through and damage the hardwood itself.

In terms of indirect light, awnings can also prevent ambient UV light from harming your skin. You will avoid sunburns and you can reduce the glare coming off TV screens and computer monitors. This also works well in the context of dimming the general area, putting less strain on your eyes.



  • Excellent insulation properties


Retractable patio awnings are also useful in cooling down the general area by a few degrees, and this can be very useful, particularly in places where just a few degrees can spell the difference between unbearable and comfortable.


Easily Retractable

For patio awnings that you can roll back, the best thing about them is that you can enjoy the best of both worlds: you can roll back the awning and let the cool wind in on more temperate days or early night times, while at the same time have a shaded area during the mornings and afternoons.


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