The Top 3 Surprising Uses of DIY Plantation Shutters

Image of a man's DIY Plantation Shutters

When the topic of plantation shutters comes up we usually picture them as treatments that are installed over interior or exterior windows. But did you know that plantation shutters are extremely versatile fixtures?


In this article, we will list three important uses of plantation shutters.



  • Room Divider


If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive means of dividing a space or separating one area of the home from another, consider DIY plantation shutters installation. Since building a wall to divide interior spaces is messy, time-consuming and inconvenient, finding an easier option is a must.


Using plantation shutters as a room divider is also flexible in that you can easily move them to other parts of the house with relative ease. If you are planning to redecorate your home or simply change the mood or ambience of certain spaces, consider DIY plantation shutters online.



  • Sliding Doors


A simple way to redecorate your home is by installing plantation shutters in between major living spaces. Using it as a sliding door will deliver a more contemporary look to your living room, dining room or study. An excellent idea is to switch up traditional plantation shutter panels with glass inserts. By replacing the inserts with glass panels, more light enters the room, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting systems indoors.



  • Closet Doors


With plantation shutters, you don’t have to replace your outdated closets altogether! You can simply unhinge closet doors and replace them with elegant plantation shutters. Plantation shutters made from wood also provides a modern touch to any room as well as protects clothes and other valuables from the sun’s harmful rays.


How much does it cost for installing plantation shutters?


The pricing on plantation shutters depend on several factors including material, finish, and sizing. If you wish to purchase plantation shutters at home, we can provide you with a quote! Simply call us on 02 8858 0900 today.