Care and Maintenance Tips for Roller Blinds Sydney

Care and Maintenance Tips for Roller Blinds Sydney

Care and Maintenance Tips for Roller Blinds Sydney

Care and Maintenance Tips for Roller Blinds Sydney

Care and maintenance are essential activities that you need to perform to ensure your roller blinds stay highly -functional and beautiful for many years to come. Keeping roller blinds in top condition is not rocket science. There are simple but effective ways on how to clean and care for your roller blinds without breaking the bank. Here are some of them:



  • Testing cleaning products



Make sure to test an area before you use any cleaning product for the rest of your roller blinds at home. It’s easier to fix a small damaged area, rather than replace your entire roller blinds altogether.



  • How to care your non-authentic wooden blinds



Non-authentic wooden blinds are easy to care and maintain. You only need a vacuum cleaner in low settings or a feather duster to remove all dirt and dust that may have accumulated in between the slats. In the case of stains and spills, you can easily remove them with cloth dampened with small amount of water.


Ideally, double roller blinds and blackout roller blinds should be cleaned and dusted at least once a week. Keeping all surfaces inside your home dust and dirt-free will create a more comfortable living space for you and your family.



  • Use with utmost care



When adjusting blinds, make sure to pull carefully. Raising and lowering blinds should not be harsh or forceful, as this may result in fraying.



  • Use mild cleaning products



When your roller blinds get stained, you should use a mild detergent or soap to clean them. Make sure to use soft cloth so as to ensure that the fabrics don’t cause friction and damage to the roller blind sheets. It’s also important not to rub the fabric too hard when cleaning as this can result in permanent damage to the fabric.



  • Air dry



If you decide to wash your roller blinds or wet the fabric, make sure to air dry them for a few hours. Do not fold or close them as this may result in dampness. Dampness can trigger mould growth and a funky smell once they are installed yet again at home.
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