How to Estimate the Cost of Plantation Shutters

How to Estimate the Cost of Plantation Shutters

How to Estimate the Cost of Plantation Shutters

Are you wondering how much you can expect to pay in getting your home a good set of plantation shutters? How do you go about estimating the cost? These are all valid concerns particularly when you have only a limited amount to work with on your home improvement project.


How to make a cost estimate

The cost of installing plantation shutters will ultimately depend on a few things, important among which is the choice of material. Hardwood and aluminium external shutters naturally cost more than their  plastic and faux wood counterparts.


Another factor that will affect the price of plantation shutters is, of course the size and whether the shutters are custom-made. On average, you can expect to spend around $2200 to $3600 for timber and aluminium shutters.


If you are comfortable installing the screens yourself, then you can further reduce the cost considerably by getting DIY plantation shutters. You can save on tradesman’s fees that run for about $100 an hour although that might be worthwhile if you do not have a clue on how to install them. Moreover, inexperience and lack of proper tools may lead to unnecessary damages which would likely cost more of your time and money to fix.


In general, people spend around $20 for every square foot of plantation shutters. Prices tend to differ significantly from one manufacturer to another, so it is always a good idea to obtain a quote from 2 or more companies before deciding on which one offer the best value.

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