Investing on Exterior Plantation Shutters

Image of a high quality Exterior Plantation Shutters

Exterior plantations shutters as a window treatment


Exterior plantation shutters refer to a conventional type kind of interior blind that has remained in popular use for more than a century. Of course such window treatments have now been adapted to suit the needs of today’s home and now come in modern materials for modern applications such as exterior aluminium plantation shutters and exterior porch plantation shutters.

Now these shutters may resemble your basic blinds except that plantation shutters for exteriors have so much more to offer than just regulating light. Such shutters add great aesthetic value to any home and makes living areas more beautiful and comfortable to dwell in.

A good look at plantation shutters for exteriors

Your typical exterior plantation shutters are conventionally made of wood and can be describe as a “stationary blind”. These blinds shift positions through a bar moving the shutters up or down to regulate the amount of light and air flow in the room. Plantation shutters can be installed to just about any window and offers a range of benefits – simplicity, durability and the potential to match just about any home decor especially when painted to match a particular theme although the common wooden finish can suit many traditional and modern home designs.

Indeed plantation shutters make a wonderful addition to any home raising its aesthetic value and that of its market value. As a matter of fact, homes with plantation shutters have a much higher market price compared to similar homes that don’t.

Plantation shutters for an energy efficient home

Exterior plantation shutters are certainly beautiful additions to just about any home but that’s not all there is to it. In addition to raising aesthetic value, plantation shutters also help reduce energy expenses as an efficient insulator and regulator of ambient light. Wooden plantation shutters in particular, are very good insulators of heat and cold reducing the need for energy expenses attributed to additional cooling and heating that are often necessary without the benefit of such shutters.

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