Prices of Polycarbonate Awnings - Is it Worth it?

Prices of Polycarbonate Awnings – Is it Worth it?

Prices of Polycarbonate Awnings - Is it Worth it?

Prices of Polycarbonate Awnings - Is it Worth it?Polycarbonate fixed window awnings in Sydney are one of the most expensive door and window treatments on the market today.  A small 0.8m x 0.8m awning can easily cost you $75 to $100 a piece. Although most home improvement experts are quick to recommend them, you have to wonder – are they worth the cost?


How does polycarbonate compare with fixed metal awnings for homes?

The concept of a polycarbonate awning is not new and has been around for quite some time. These awnings consist of panels made of thermoplastic polymer typically referred to as Lexan. The panels can be transparent or opaque, and you can paint them in just about any colour.


Despite the high cost, many prefer polycarbonate awnings just for their aesthetic appeal. These door and window treatments offer a beautiful alternative to fixed aluminium awnings and are just as durable. You will see that most designs combine the use of the polymer with stainless steel frames and panel supports on each side.


You can use flat panels to form the roof of a polycarbonate awning, and include side panels to produce a box-style setup. A polycarbonate awning can likewise be made up of arches or very somewhat curved shapes, utilised alone to form an “eyebrow” or in series to provide a scalloped effect. Moreover, because the material is versatile, it can be moulded into other shapes such as a dome.


Advantages of polycarbonate over aluminium awnings

A polycarbonate awning offers some benefits that make them a good alternative to fixed metal awnings. For one thing, polycarbonate offers the same level of protection against inclement weather conditions without ruining the facade on your property. Conversely, a polycarbonate awning can be a straightforward, minimalist addition to any style building or business.


Like metal awnings, polycarbonate is exceptionally robust and durable. These awnings last on average  10 to 15 years with the majority of makes providing warranties of at least ten years or longer.


It is high impact resistant which makes the material almost indestructible. You might not require bulletproof glass. However, it is always comforting to know that your awning that can hold up against cyclone force winds. Polycarbonate is also considerably lighter, accommodating lightweight framing without sacrificing sturdiness or resilience. Hence transportation and installation are less cumbersome.


Another advantage to polycarbonate awnings is that it has outstanding insulative properties blocking as much as 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays without blocking natural light. Those same features allow a polycarbonate awning to withstand damage from sun, snow or rain such as warping staining and fading.


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