Retractable Patio Awnings and The Other Types of Awnings you can Use at Home

Arizona backyard with automatic retractable awning for extra

Arizona backyard with automatic retractable awning for extraIf you live in a region that is either facing the sun or is in an area where it often gets uncomfortably warm, you may want to think about installing retractable patio awnings. However, before you buy a DIY retractable awning, here are some suggestions you should consider:


Should you choose a more permanent solution?

In the old days, awnings were mostly permanently deployed awnings, which were, more often than not, made of metal or thick fabric and could not be rolled back.
A motorised retractable awning is a more versatile solution in this day and age, as you can effortlessly retract the awning.
Installing a retractable or permanently-deployed awning will very much depend on your needs, and the weather conditions in your region– if your area is prone to powerful gusts of wind, or extreme rain, a permanent awning may not be a good idea, owing to possible damage in the future.


Motorised or Hand-cranked?

If you want to use retractable awnings, it is advisable to choose wisely between a manual system and a motorised one. If you have to install a number of awnings or  install a large awning over a porch or balcony, then a motorised retractable awning system can save you time and effort.

On the other hand, if you have a small awning, and don’t use it often, then a manual crank system might be better. You should also consider using a motorised system that also has a manual version, just in case the electrical power goes down.


What can awnings do for you?

Aside from keeping yourself in the shade while the sun is up, awnings are very useful for many things, such as the following:

Motorised retractable awnings can prevent sun damage to hardwood floors, drapes and blinds, and even furniture. You can even bring out furniture that would normally be used indoors as long as the furniture is under the awning’s protective shade.

Modern retractable awnings also cut down on ambient light. Aside from direct sunlight, you can also cut down on the glare from PC monitors and television screens. You can even work on your computer or watch TV on a portable or smaller television unit while under an awning.
Retractable patio awnings can expand your living space, by turning some areas adjacent to your house as temporary living spaces at times when the weather is better. You can also save up on construction costs by creating an area shaded by an awning, rather than building a completely new room.
Now that you understand the important and added value that awnings bring to your home, it’s time for you to check out their amazing visual designs from our gallery. For inquiries or orders, call us at (02) 8858 0900.