The Advantages of Fixed Awnings in Sydney

The Advantages of Fixed Awnings in Sydney

The Advantages of Fixed Awnings in SydneyAre you wondering about the benefits of getting a set of awnings for your home? While most people think of awnings as merely a decorative piece, these window treatments offer numerous advantages that you may not have realised. Learning all about them can prove invaluable especially if you’ve been on the fence about these window treatments for quite some time.

Awnings aren’t actually anything new and have been around for ages yet they remain a popular sight in porches and windows for good reasons. In this piece, we’ll take a good look at some perfectly good reasons to get awnings for your home as well as the different options available in the market.

We’ll also consider how fixed awnings compare to retractable motorised awnings and whether it’s something that is worth looking into.

Canvas awnings in Sydney

Most of the fixed awnings you will find in the market today are fabric awnings. These awnings are inexpensive and come in all range of colours and designs. Hence you’ll have no shortage of options in terms of aesthetics and can have your awnings look just the way you want them to. Canvas awnings also tend to be the more affordable option and well within reach of most people. The prices of retractable awnings in Sydney can easily amount to thousands of dollars.

Of course canvas awnings have some downsides which are important to consider. For one, these awnings need frequent washing in order to keep them clean and prevent a build-up of dirt which would ultimately ruin the fabric. Canvas awnings are also not very durable and need to be replaced every few years. More so if you reside in an area with frequent rain or snow fall all year round; fabric absorbs moisture which can lead to mold formation. Still it’s a good option for people who are in the market for affordable and beautiful set of awnings.

Fixed aluminium awnings

Yet another option in fixed awnings are the ones made of aluminium. Granted it would generally cost a lot more than fabric awnings. In some cases, the cost can be similar to waterproof retractable awnings.

Of course there’s hardly any need to retract a fixed aluminium awning as it’s perfectly capable of standing up to the elements. Such awnings are extremely durable and do not require much in the way of maintenance. Granted aluminium awnings don’t offer much in terms of aesthetics as you’re practically limited to a metallic look. Still you get something that holds up well against deterioration and will serve you well for many years to come.

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