The Different Types of DIY Shutters for your Home

The Different Types of DIY Shutters for your Home

The Different Types of DIY Shutters for your Home

The clean and crisp design of window shutters makes homes look stately and elegant. These window treatments are also extremely functional as they efficient control the entry of light inside the home. Shutters also deliver added comfort as they establish privacy when closed. 


If you have been considering installing shutters there’s never been a better time. You don’t have to pay a huge sum of money for shutters to be installed at home. With DIY shutters project, you will be able to install shutters without additional costs. 


Can I install my own shutters?


Yes. With DIY shutters kit, you can purchase a large batch of shutters enough to cover all the outdoor windows of your home. What makes DIY outdoor shutters affordable is that you don’t have to pay for professional installation. Typically, contractors will charge a hefty fee for their installation service. If you buy your own exterior shutters, you avoid paying this fee altogether, giving you a chance to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars without sacrificing material quality. 


How do you choose durable shutters to install at home? 


Shutters come in a variety of materials. These shutters can be purchased in bulk or as kits. Kits usually come with instruction manuals. All you need are basic tools and equipment to install them at home. 


  • Vinyl outdoor shutters are cost effective window treatments that are made from hollow PVC material. They have characteristic unfinished edges which are covered in caps. 
  • Synthetic foam shutters look similar to wood but are made from synthetic materials. They are water and fire-resistant and are known for their superior insulating properties. They are heavier than wooden shutters, but is the best solution if you are looking to install synthetic shutters. 
  • Faux wood is an alternative to hardwood and is an excellent solution if you want tall and wide shutters. 

Shutters come in a wide array of colours, styles, and finishes. If you want to check out our collection, click here. To request a quote, you may also reach us on 0291977350 today.