The Price of Motorised Awnings - Is it Worth it?

The Price of Motorised Awnings – Is it Worth it?

The Price of Motorised Awnings - Is it Worth it?

The Price of Motorised Awnings - Is it Worth it?Are you in the market for a set of retractable window awnings for your home? If so, you may have realised that one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is whether to opt for manually operated awnings or motorised ones. Your decision will affect just about every aspect of your awning from cost, functionality and the value that it adds to your home.


In this post, we will take a look at a few important things that you will have to consider to determine which type of awning suits your needs best.


Choosing between manual and motorised folding arm awnings in Sydney

As the name implies, a manual awning is one that you operate by hand to extend or retract. Motorised awnings, on the other hand, come with a motorised assembly for automatic or push button operation.


Even though the distinction in between both the awnings is evident, however deciding in between manual or motorised retractable awnings is not that simple.


There are numerous elements that you ought to think about before making your decision:


Convenience factor

Some people do not mind having to manually retract or extend an awning, while others feel the need for a motorised unit. It all depends on how convenient you need your awnings to be.  Most reputable manufacturers make awnings from lightweight materials that require little effort to operate. Still, motorised awnings can be a necessity especially if you have multiple awnings at home.


If you want an awning that saves you both time and energy, then you cannot go wrong with motorised folding arm awnings. Some models even allow you to operate the awnings remotely to create the illusion that there are people inside your residence which often helps deter trespassers.



The price of folding arm awnings that are manually operated is lower compared with motorised awnings. Manual awnings also do not use any power which saves electrical expenses.


Motorised awnings, on the other hand, can be quite expensive. Just adding a motor on the same awnings can add several hundred dollars to your purchase price. You also need to consider installation and maintenance fees which also adds to the cost. Still, many people would agree that the added convenience more than justifies the cost.


Upkeep and Reliability

Manual retractable awnings have fewer chances of experiencing technical problems. The whole setup of a manual retractable awning is relatively straightforward, and there is less possibility of components breaking down.


SInce motorized retractable awnings are powered by an electric motor they have higher chances of experiencing problems like deteriorating parts or burnouts. Nevertheless, contemporary motorised awnings have become more dependable over the years and less prone to breakage as long as you do not overlook periodic maintenance.


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