These Top 3 DIY Plantation Shutter Facts Will Make You Want Them Installed ASAP

Plantation Shutters Birchgrove 2041Several factors should be taken into consideration when choosing plantation shutters as the preferred window covering for your home’s interior. There are many window treatments to choose from, but custom plantation shutters are a favorite among builders and homeowners with sophisticated taste.

Interior shutters are at one of the top priorities for homeowners who are in the process of renovating or constructing a home. There is undeniably intrinsic value in the way that DIY interior shutters improve the style and aesthetics of a home. The timeless and elegant style combined with its versatility, which includes air control to light regulation, to added privacy have made plantation shutters an attractive fixture to any home.

Custom plantation shutters are perceived as excellent investments by homeowners and builders alike. They are given the same value and consideration as any type of furniture inside the home. In addition, installing interior plantation shutters will add to the appraised value of your residential property.


Here are facts about plantation shutters that will inspire you to install them soon!


  • Superior-quality construction

Plantation shutters made from the best quality of wood will transform the appearance of your interiors by adding a touch of elegance.


  • Save money with its light control feature

Plantation shutters offer an alternative to light up interior spaces. Opening the slats slightly accommodate ample light to enter the room whilst blocking direct sunlight. Completely opening the slats floods the room with light. This is a great way to reduce your energy consumption during daytime.


  • Customised plantation shutters to suit your needs and budget

One of the greatest strengths of DIY plantation shutters is that you can decide what it should look like. They can be constructed to fit any shape of windows or wall openings. Clients can choose the type of wood and finish for their home. The windows are measured by professionals that specialise in construction and installation of wooden plantation shutters.


If you live in an area which is subject to hot climatic conditions, you may ask for shutters with bigger slats or thinner wood material to keep the air flowing easily at all times.
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