Two Factors to Consider Before Buying Plantation Shutters from a Window Shutter Company

Image of a plantation shutters by Shutters Australia

Image of a plantation shutters by Shutters Australia

Plantation shutters come in a variety of materials and colours, making it one of the most versatile window treatments for Australian consumers. It is also due to their variety that plantation shutters are becoming popular for those who want classy and highly-durable window solutions for both indoor and outdoor home spaces.


But before you make a purchase., it’s important to know that not all window shutter companies in Australia are equal. Some have timber plantation shutters that are well worth every penny, whilst there are also plantation shutters online that always fall short in delivering quality-made shutters, blinds and shades to consumers.


Customising your order is an excellent way to get the most value for your money. Find a window shutter company that specialises in customising plantation shutters in Australia. Although this option is more expensive that buying ready-made blinds and shades, customised plantation shutters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also a reflection of your personal taste.


Here are factors to consider when customising plantation shutters:



  • What type of framing or divider rails do you desire for your plantation shutters?



There are essentially four options when it comes to shutter panel styles:


  1. Full shutters open as one panel.
  2. Café-style shutters that only cover half of the window, so you can see a clear view of the outside at eye level.
  3. Double-hung shutters that can open at both top and bottom of the panel.
  4. Divider rails allows users to open the top half of the panel while leaving the bottom half closed.



  • What mounting options are available to you?



Shutters can be installed from the inside or outside a window opening. To determine which better suits your home, check for the presence of moulding around the window where you plan to install the shutters.


Ideally, shutters should be installed from the inside as the moulding adds an overall aesthetic effect to your interiors. If decorative moulding is absent from you window, you may also consider mounting from the outside for a more polished look.

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