Weighing the Cost of Motorised Roller Blinds

Weighing the Cost of Motorised Roller Blinds

Weighing the Cost of Motorised Roller BlindsAre you in the market for a set of motorised roller blinds but not too sure about it’s merits and whether it’s well worth the cost? Sure it’s convenient; you don’t have to get in front of your blinds to operate them but that’s not all there is to it. For one thing, these blinds help with privacy and security; even when you’re away, some models of motorised roller blinds can be opened or closed automatically creating the illusion that there are people in your premises. This makes your home a less likely target for burglary and would-be intruders.


Of course the question remains – how much do electric blinds cost? Before we get to answer that question, you’d do well to fully consider the advantages of owning such a blind. Only then can you truly appreciate the value of motorised roller blinds in relation to the their cost.


Why get motorised roller blinds online?


Yet another great thing about motorised double roller blinds is that most of them can be pre-programmed to close or open automatically throughout the day. This can benefit your home immensely in terms of energy efficiency. Simply setting your roller binds to close at the hottest time of the day can lower indoor temperature by as much as 18 percent. This will in turn lower the load on your air conditioning units and reduce your energy expenses. How awesome is that?


A good set of motorised roller blinds can also help keep your furniture from warping and fading due to exposure from the harsh elements. These blinds can be set to close automatically in the middle of the day when the sun is hottest.


Of course convenience is where electric blinds for windows truly stands out. Having to walk up to every room in the house to adjust your blinds manually can be quite a chore. This is particularly true for large homes with numerous large and hard-to-reach windows. Motorised blinds can very well turn out to be quite a necessity.


The price of electric blinds


Now that we’ve got a good idea on the benefits of having motorised blinds, how much can you actually expect to pay for such blinds? Well it depends; motorised blinds are available in various types. The size of your windows is also a factor; motorised roller blinds for a small window can cost you up to $350. That’s for every single blind depending on manufacturer and quality. You’ll also have to account for transport and installation cost. To learn exactly how much you’ll have to spend in putting up motorised blinds for your home, you’ll have to request a quote from a reputable manufacturer.


In conclusion, motorised roller blinds represent a sizeable investment and can easily amount to thousands of dollars. However most people who own even a few of these blinds would tell you that it’s worth every penny considering the benefits mentioned above. In terms of energy efficiency alone, many homeowners report having recouped their expenses in a few short years.


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