What is the Cost Per Window for Installing Plantation Shutters?

What is the Cost Per Window for Installing Plantation Shutters?

What is the Cost Per Window for Installing Plantation Shutters?

Are you interested in getting plantation shutter blinds online but haven’t got a clue about how much it costs? What can you expect to pay per window? These are all good questions especially when you are on a relatively limited budget.


Cost estimate for plantation shutters

In general, people spend about $2200 on getting plantation shutter blinds in Perth. Prices can vary from about $1300 to $3600 throughout Australia depending on a few things – the type of material, size of windows, manner of installation and whether the blinds are custom made or prefabricated.


Prices for shutter blinds are considerably lower if you go DIY and order your window treatment over the Internet. However, you will still need to account for shipping and handling fees. Professional installation can add to the cost although some may offer you better deals that you would be hard-pressed to find in most retail stores. If you are confident about your handyman skills and have the necessary tools, installing plantation shutters yourself can certainly help mitigate the cost.


As a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $20 per foot for a good set of plantation shutters. The cost of labour will depend on contractor fees, your location as well as overhead expenses. Hence you would want to get 2 or more estimates from contractors coming in and taking the dimensions of your windows along with any additional work that you want that needs to be done. Contractor fees are about $100 per hour and significantly adds to the cost.

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