What Material is Best for Vertical Outdoor Shutters?

What Material is Best for Vertical Outdoor Shutters?

What Material is Best for Vertical Outdoor Shutters?Do you want to add a set of external aluminium plantation shutters to your home but are not quite certain that it is the right solution for you? What other options are available? If you are reading this, then these are probably some of the questions that you may be asking yourself.


One of the factors which will largely determine your choice in outdoor shutters for decks, patios and similar spaces around your home is the type of material. Each one has its pros and cons which can complicate the selection process along with a bunch of other factors — expense, durability and functionality just to mention a few.


What are the different types of material available for external louvre shutters?

You will find no lack of options when it comes to exterior window shutters from traditional window blinds to contemporary alternatives like vinyl and aluminium. You would do well to learn a thing or two about the difference in these materials if only to figure out which type suits your needs and finances best.


Wooden shutters

Most people would agree that nothing beats the traditional appeal of a wooden exterior screen. Wood has many advantages; For one thing, it is the practical and proven solution to window treatments and can be painted to complement your home exterior. Wooden shutters have an ageless appeal. The classic look has been around for centuries yet remain just as popular today.


Of course, wooden shutters has their share of downsides perhaps the most significant of which is cost. Timber shutters can be expensive to acquire especially the ones that manufacturers make from quality hardwood such as red cedar and basswood. Nevertheless, most people would agree that its’ high cost is well worth it as it can last decades with proper maintenance. Keep in mind that wood naturally rots when exposed to excessive heat and moisture. Hence you would want to make sure that your repaint it once a year or two to maximise service life.


Vinyl window shutters

If you are looking for some of the most affordable options in exterior window treatments, then you cannot go wrong with vinyl window shutters.


Vinyl is a practical choice of material and likewise, has other benefits that make it an excellent choice for window treatments. For one thing, vinyl shutters are easy to set up although the lack of adjustable hinges can be a problem.


Vinyl window shutters is a quick and affordable way of getting window treatments provided that you are comfortable with the plastic appearance. While inexpensive, vinyl is not very resilient, so it will not last long if left exposed to the harsh elements.


Aluminium shutters

If you are looking for the toughest and most durable window treatments in the market, then you will find that aluminium outdoor shutters perfectly fits the bill. A common sight in banks, malls and other commercial establishments, the cost of metal screens have gone down over the years making it within reach of homeowners.


While aluminium shutters tend to cost more than most other types of material, these shutters are built to last and make a good long term investment. Moreover, metal shutters also serve as an excellent deterrent against burglars and trespassers. After all, criminals prefer an easy target and a home protected by a set of metal shutters robust enough to withstand a hurricane obviously does not fit into that category.


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