Timber, Rialto and SMRT Plantation Shutters

Hand crafted furniture for your windows

Available in a range of materials, from Basswood Shutters, Kiri Shutters, Western Red Cedar Shutters, PVC Shutters and Aluminium Shutters, all Shutters Australia products are manufactured to our high standards, specifically for Australian conditions.

SMRT Shutters are made from High Tech Polymers with an Aluminium Core for added strength. They won’t warp, crack or split like wood. With a tough paint finish and available in Clearview or Plantation Tilt, SMRT Shutters are virtually indestructible with normal use.

Fast growing Plantation Timber such as, Kiri not only helps with Global Sustainability, but can provide a superior and lower cost finished product by reducing inputs and transportation.

Buying direct from growers and using resources that originate close to our production facilities reduce cost, transportation and “middle man’ margins helping save money and inputs to Global Warming.

As one the most experienced Planation Shutters suppliers in Sydney, Shutters Australia is a must when it is time to buy Planation Shutters. With our new model the Rialto Shutters we give one more reason to call us and see why we are the leaders in plantation shutters.

With a wide range of louver widths and frames to help achieve that special look, individually created for you. 52mm, 63mm,89mm, 114mm louvers available.

Timber Plantation Shutters and Clearview Shutters

Tilt options include Clearview Tilt or “Hidden Tilt” where the tilt bar is on the back of the shutter or the traditional “Plantation Tilt” with the tilt bar on the front of the shutter, usually in the centre, but can be ordered off set to the side. Call 1300 380 200 for more information.