3 Perfectly Good Reasons to Get a Home Awning

3 Perfectly Good Reasons to Get a Home Awning

 3 Perfectly Good Reasons to Get a Home Awning

Awnings for your home – is it worth it?

  3 Perfectly Good Reasons to Get a Home Awning

Are you thinking of getting a home awning and wondering whether it offers other benefits apart from aesthetics that you may not have considered? Awnings are more than just a decorative piece although people do tend to buy it for that purpose. Awnings also serve a functional purpose; one that is fairly apparent during winter and the warm summer months. How exactly is this so?

In this piece we’ll go over a few functional benefits of installing awnings on your home. It might just surprise you and people are often caught off guard about how a simple window treatment can actually prove so valuable.

Functional benefits of a home awning

Reduce your electricity bill

What is one thing that winter and summer have in common – soaring energy expenses! People tend to raise the demand for heating or air conditioning to keep themselves comfortable. Simply installing awnings can reduce the effects of solar gain (the natural increase in temperature as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight) by as much as 65 to 77 percent. As a result, people hardly have to raise the thermostat on their air conditioning units resulting to substantial energy savings after a year. You’d find that the prices of home awnings is chump change compared to the amount of money it’d save you in a few months.

The same thing can be said about your heating expenses during the winter. Awnings help insulate your home interior keeping everything warm and cosy without having to increase your heating budget.

Boost property value

Getting awnings for home increases the property’s value. Notice that in real estate the prices of homes equipped with awnings are significantly higher than similar ones without it? Well now you know why; awnings give you more selling “power” should you decide to put your property for sale in the future.

Sun protection

Last but definitely not least, awnings offer much needed protection against UV radiation that can otherwise damage your skin or worse – cause skin cancer. Hence it’s not only a matter of remaining comfortable. The same thing can be said about furnishings if left exposed to the harsh elements sparing you the cost of having to repair or needlessly replace them in a short period of time

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