Motorised Blinds Sydney – Automatic Awnings

Automated sun and wind controls are available using famous brands like SOMFY and NICE. With Awning Automation, when the sun comes out, so does the awning.

Relax and forget about it – let your motorised blinds do the work for you!

Why not make life easier and let Somfy take control of your motorised blinds! Somfy has a variety of control options to create the perfect environment

Quiet Operation

Solutions for motorised blinds powered by Somfy include our premium offering of ultra-quiet operation ideal for interior settings. Explore the benefits of the Sonesse® range.

Individual & Group Control

Motorised blinds powered by Somfy offer flexibility so that your blinds operate according to your needs. Motorised blinds can be operated individually, together as a group or a combination of both options…instantly.

WireFree™ Option

Somfy offers a completely WireFree™ option that is battery-powered and eliminates the need for any wiring. What’s more is that the WireFree™ range is available with solar powered batteries, which offers a maintenance-free and energy efficient solution!

My Position

Somfy’s MY position eliminates the need to adjust your blinds to your preferred openness every time. Set a favorite position and access it whenever… at the touch of a button!

Automatic Operation

Enjoy the benefits of motorised blinds automatically. Somfy’s wide array of controls and accessories includes timers, sun sensors and even temperature sensors to maximize energy efficiency and create ambiances that suit your lifestyle.

Get the shade you want, when you want it! Call (02) 8858 0900 for more information.