A Brief Introduction on Canvas Awnings

A Brief Introduction on Canvas Awnings

A Brief Introduction on Canvas Awnings

Canvas awnings are a type of roofing system that delivers weather protection, privacy and aesthetics to outdoor spaces such as patios and terraces.  Awnings are directly installed and supported by the wall from which it is installed or attached.


Benefits of Canvas Awnings in Melbourne


The benefits of installing canvas awnings in your Melbourne home are as follows:


  • Saves energy by providing shade not only to outdoor living spaces but to interior of homes, too.
  • Protection from weather conditions and elements such as wind, rain, snow, hail, and sunlight
  • Aesthetics


Canvas awnings are great outdoor roofing and shading systems. With proper care and maintenance, outdoor awnings can last for many years. Some canvas awnings are made from durable materials that also carry water-repellent as well as mould and mildew resistant fabrics. This means that even constant heavy rains will not affect the overall integrity of canvas awnings.


Tips on how to take care of canvas awnings


  1. Wash the canvas materials on a regular basis. Use mild soap or detergent in washing them. Rinse thoroughly to avoid the accumulation of soap suds that may affect the quality of canvas in the long run.
  2. When cleaning the underside of awnings, you can use a broom to sweep away any dust or dirt.
  3. Make sure to install canvas awnings away from trees and shrubs. There are acids or compounds in leaves and branches that may negatively affect the canvas awning material.
  4. Check the condition of the awning frames. When rust is detected, make sure to replace the mechanism as soon as possible to ensure that your awnings will operate optimally.
  5. In cold weather conditions, avoid frequent rolling and unrolling. Constant rolling and unrolling motions can result in cracks in the canvas material itself.
  6. Make sure to remove any water pooling as it may cause the fabric to stretch and lose its integrity and aesthetics.

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