A Brief Introduction on Shutters and Blinds

A Brief Introduction on Shutters and Blinds

A Brief Introduction on Shutters and Blinds

When it comes to window treatments for your home, there are a few factors that you need to consider before shelling out your hard-earned money. Curtains are heavy, high maintenance and expensive. The best window treatment alternatives are shutters and blinds as they are not only affordable and simple, but beautiful and functional, too.


Blinds and shutters in Sydney come in a wide array of styles, colours and finishes. For first time buyers, the wide selection may feel a bit overwhelming. It is important to learn about shutters and blinds as well as the cost of these window treatments.


What are shutter blinds?


Shutter blinds are window treatments that primarily regulate the amount of light entering an interior space. They feature solid frames outfitted with louvres or slats that can be easily adjusted either to let more light in or block the entry of light altogether.


How much do plantation blinds cost?


The cost of shutter blinds will depend on the measurement of the windows where it will be installed. The type of material, finish and brand are also factored in when calculating for the total expense of having plantation blinds inside your home.


On an average, plantation blinds measuring around 1200mm in width and 2100mm in height cost around $1500. Depending on the store from which you plan on purchasing plantation blinds, the installation can cost extra, or in some cases, the price may include installation fees.


What are plantation shutters for?


Plantation shutters have large slats or louvres which can be fully opened. This allows for optimal ventilation and entry of natural light inside the home. When fully closed, they do a great job of blocking the entry of light and ensuring optimal privacy, too.


How much do plantation shutters cost?


The average cost of plantation shutters in most Australian territories ranges between $1200 an $2000. The type of material is a major factor in the total price of plantation shutters. For instance, faux wood plantation shutters are cheaper compared to plantation shutters with a natural wood finish.

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