A Look at the Different Types of Outdoor Window Awnings You Can Get for Your Home

Image of an outdoor awning by Shutters Australia

Image of an outdoor awning by Shutters AustraliaAre you convinced that a good set of window awnings would make an excellent addition to your home but have no idea what type to get? Perhaps you have heard about the benefits and how to make window awnings a part of your home. In any case, it is important to know what to look out for and learn a few things about the different kinds of window awnings available on the market.



So what are the different kinds of external window awnings available?


There are different types of awnings that you can choose for your home which come in various styles depending on their use. Some like timber window awnings cost more than others but offer the best value in the long run.


In this post, we will take a look at the various types and designs of awnings. Only then can you decide which one suits your needs and preferences best.


Traditional window awnings


Awnings are readily available in standard and modern styles. Standard design window awnings have sides that will provide you with more protection from the sun. Colorbond window awnings come with wrought iron frames and have a spear-like assembly. They look terrific on most modern houses. You also have the choice of getting drop arm awnings that roll up on a tube with a motorised option for added convenience.


Drop arm Awnings for windows roll up on a roller tube and can be motorised. Drop Arm Awnings with motors are convenient for second storey windows so they can be withdrawn easily from the indoors.


It used to be that retractable patio awnings were only available for up-scale houses. Now they are more economical and can last for many years without upkeep. These Retractable Awnings can be quickly retracted or extended with a hand crank or motor. Motors available with remote and wind sensors will retract the awning immediately in the case of an unexpected storm and the awning was left extended.


Deck or porch awnings


If your reason for getting window awnings is more about security and privacy, then you can never go wrong with deck awnings. These awnings can keep your patio cool while protecting your home from the harsh elements. You can use such an awnings for your porch or Canvas Deck Roller Drapes which you can roll up and down with a rope and sheave system.


Porch Valances are likewise an attractive decorative addition to patios. These Canvas Valances are for decorative functions but do not have much sun protection since they are a small accent to a deck. They are 12″ – 14″ high and twist around a patio to include colour and will soften the hard lines of a porch.


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