A Quick Guide on Timber Venetian Blinds

A Quick Guide on Timber Venetian Blinds

A Quick Guide on Timber Venetian Blinds

Timber Venetian blinds add a touch of elegance, style and comfort to a home. If you aim to bring warmth to your living space, installing timber Venetian blinds is worth your serious consideration. Timber Venetian blinds will suit a home that has an existing contemporary style. For those who want durable, long-lasting window treatments, timber Venetian blinds are an excellent solution. 

In this article, we will provide some detailed information about timber Venetian blinds and tips when shopping for them online. 


What is a Venetian blind?

A Venetian blind is a window treatment solution that features horizontal slats that are either made from PVC or timber. The blinds are made from thin and elongated pieces that are stacked above one another. Thin strips of cloth, also known as tapes, hold them together. With the use of the tapes or cords, the slats can be rotated up to 180 degrees. 

Venetian blinds are window treatments that allow for the entry of light and air into indoor spaces. The light penetration level can be regulated simply by turning the cord at varying degrees. The blinds may also be pulled up with the help of the cords, thus facilitating optimum light entry at any time of the day. 

Venetian blinds also add to the privacy of a home. By tilting the cords, you can close or open the slats as you choose. 


What are the advantages of using timber Venetian blinds?

Timber Venetian blinds are ideal if you want to create a polished elegant room in your home. They can be installed in various living spaces and are perfect for rooms that require privacy such as living rooms and bedrooms. 

One major strength of timber Venetian blinds is that they are amazingly durable. When compared to blinds that are made from PVC or plastic, the slats of timber blinds do not warp and thus ensure functionality for many years to come. 

Lastly, timber Venetian blinds are environmentally friendly. For those who want to make a conscious effort in reducing their carbon footprint using eco-friendly materials, timber Venetian blinds are the perfect window treatment option.


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