A Simple Shopping Guide for Window Shutters in Sydney

Image of a high quality window shutters in Sydney

Image of a high quality window shutters in Sydney

Plantation shutters are a dependable and classy window treatment that is a great addition to any home. They come in many styles, shapes, sizes, colours and a range of prices. To avoid confusion and make the right choice, here are some simple but helpful tips you can apply when shopping for the best plantation shutters in Sydney.



  • Decide on a budget



Before creating a budget, make sure to do your own research to decide on the style or material for your plantation shutters or roller shutters. To guarantee your satisfaction, avoid limiting your budget. You need to have enough budget as plantation shutters are more expensive compared to other window treatments.


When creating a budget, make sure to include the cost of installation. DIY plantation shutters in Sydney are an ideal means to save money if you simply do not have the budget for paying professional installers.



  • Choose the right style of shutters



Plantation shutters come in various styles. Whilst some have bigger slats that allow the passage of less light at home, there are also shutters, such as roller shutters, that can be adjusted and enable the passage of more light into your home’s interior. Café style shutters only cover half of a window and there are some that provide total privacy at any time of the day.


If you have specific requirements on how or what a plantation shutter should look like, we highly recommend that you look into customisation services.



  • Selecting the right material that matches home interiors



PVC, wood, and vinyl are all common materials used in the manufacturing of plantation shutters. Besides existing interior design and budget, you need to consider care and maintenance when shopping for plantation shutters. Ideally, you need to pick one that is sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. If you do not have the time to clean regularly, your shutters will deteriorate at a fast rate, which could cost you more money. Make sure to set aside some time for care and maintenance. Wooden plantation shutters require yearly maintenance while vinyl plantation shutters require minimal care only.
Plantation shutters are undeniably a great addition to your home. Make sure to choose only superior quality shutters. Check out our offerings here or call us on 02 8858 0900 for enquiries.