All about Plantation Shutters

All about Plantation Shutters

A good look at plantation shutters

All about Plantation ShuttersPlantation shutters are just about one of the oldest type of window treatments around. Back then they were one of the few options in window dressings even before it became popular due to southern plantations. Today’s modern window shutters can make plantation shutter seem like something out of a Stone Age movie. Yet there’s always something special about it that makes it a popular choice for people seeking something welcoming and refined for their window treatment unlike blinds or accent blinds that often   not suitable for traditional interior designs.

Plantation shutters were initially made for English aristocrats and were then just simple wooden boards installed over the lower glassless sections of windows. These shutters have evolved over the years – for one thing, many of today’s plantation shutters can be installed on the inside enabling people to adjust the level of shade and privacy that it offers. These shutters are a lot more durable compared to other type of window treatments like accent blinds and lasts a long time while adding class and value to one’s property. Similar to other kinds of wooden shades, plantation shutters are perfectly suitable to being the centerpiece for contemporary or traditional décor.

Other benefits of plantation shutters as a window treatment

  • Aside from its durability and suitability for conventional or traditional interior design, plantation shutters offer an array of benefits that make it an excellent choice in window treatments and this includes:
  • A pleasant appearance that is perfectly well-off even without curtains or drapes.
  • Effectively relates light and provide insulation as well as block out harmful UV light in the summer
  • Provides a timeless elegance that doesn’t get left behind by time and changing styles
  • These types of window treatments are just perfect for dressing up windows and sliding doors making them functional and aesthetically pleasing. Today’s shutters are typically cordless and can be made from an array of materials other than wood such as vinyl which is typically a lot less expensive and easier to install not to mention the fact that they can perfectly resemble contemporary wooden ones.