Are Retractable Waterproof Awnings Worth the Investment?

Image of an alfresco patio awning

Image of an alfresco patio awning

Installing retractable awnings for your home’s patio enables you to enjoy outdoor activities by providing much needed shade. Besides the elegant aesthetics, retractable awnings also add livable outdoor space where you can lounge during hot summer days and an area where you can entertain guests for alfresco dinners be it night or day.


Awnings in general provide shade from summer’s unforgiving heat and protection from the elements such as strong winds, heavy snow, and heavy rains. It’s a multifunctional fixture that is known to add more value to your home. Installing retractable waterproof awnings are investments that you simply cannot pass up on, especially if you want your home to be as comfortable and luxurious inside and out.


Why retractable patio awnings?

The affordable price tag on fixed awnings may be tempting for first-time buyers, but before you purchase that deal online, may we suggest that you check the reasons why upgrading your purchase to retractable awnings delivers more bang for your buck?


  • Open and close awnings with just a click of the switch. Retractable awnings feature mechanisms which allow for it to automatically unfurl when needed. The motor is mounted onto the all with the awnings, which allows for smooth and quick extension of the arms to its full-length capacity.
  • Retractable waterproof awnings are made from materials which not only resist water but snow, dirty, and other external elements, too. The arms are made from stainless steel material so it does not suffer from rust or deterioration even when used for many years.
  • Retractable awnings are ideal for households that need shade, privacy, and protection from the elements. Instead of manually opening and closing the awnings, the motor of retractable awnings offer convenience that homeowners will surely appreciate.


How much do retractable patio awnings cost?

According to experts, a fully-customised retractable awning including installation will cost between 2500AUD and 7000AUD. The price point is reasonable given that you can use it for many years as well as the increased value that it presents for your home.

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