Blinds and Shutters for your Home

Blinds and Shutters for your Home

 Blinds and Shutters for your Home

How important is it to get attractive blinds and shutters for one’s home?

Are you wondering about the benefits offered by blinds and shutters as a home window treatment? You may not have really though about it but without some form of “treatment” or decor, windows are basically nothing more than a hole in your wall (no pun intended). Add attractive blinds and shutters though and you add privacy along with a reliable method for controlling the amount of light entering the room. Not to mention the fact that it just makes your home look better and a lot more pleasant to dwell in.

Now whether you’re looking for blinds and shutter solutions for the whole house or for a single set of windows, it helps to learn a few things about what to buy and what to look out for. Let’s get right to it!

Which blinds and shutters should you buy?

You can end up reading an entire book on blinds and shutters and still remain confused about which window treatments to purchase. It doesn’t have to be difficult though; let’s look at a few of the most popular options in the market today when it comes to blinds and shutters:

Horizontal blinds

Definitely one the most highly sought after window treatments in the market today and although cleaning it can be quite a chore, few others offer better light control thanks to its adjustable “louvers”. These slats do an excellent job of keeping out light when needed; units with cords located on a hole behind the slat tend to close firmly and is well worth looking out for if you’re looking for something that you can use to block off sunlight completely.

Horizontal blinds come in various materials from wood and vinyl to faux-wood and even modern metals like aluminium. You can be certain about buying one that suits just about any kind of home from rustic and classical-style homes to modern interiors. That said, if you do opt for a wooden horizontal blinds then its important to make sure that you opt for something that comes with a warp and moisture resistant finish particularly if you live in a humid regions with significant rainfall all year round.

Vertical blinds

Yet another popular choice when it comes to blinds and shutters as it is often installed on glass doors as well. Vertical blinds command a strong presence in any living space with its bold lines and elegant appeal. It can make a room appear much higher which makes it a popular choice in rooms with low ceilings. Vertical blinds are also a  good option for patios and large windows as it provides good coverage and spares you from having to deal with large drapes which is considerably more difficult to set up and clean.

Vertical blinds can be made from fabric, vinyl or even metal and provide adequate protection against sunlight (UV rays) in addition to providing good air circulation throughout the room; a common problem for many homes during a hot summer day.

Window shutters

Perhaps the most distinguished among popular window treatments available in the market today, window shutters introduce a distinctive and elegant feel in an otherwise dull and plain looking living spaces. Traditional plantation shutters in particular have always been a top choice for most contemporary homes with its stained or pre-painted hardwood slats. Granted, shutters do tend to cost more than most other window treatments but most real estate experts would tell you that the added cost is well worth it as it instantly increases the market value of any home.

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