Control Your Daylight with Window Shutters in Sydney

Control Your Daylight with Window Shutters in Sydney

Control Your Daylight with Window Shutters in Sydney


Control Your Daylight with Window Shutters in Sydney

Window shutters prices vary and the cheapest or the dearest may not necessarily be the best for you. A mid-range window shutter price will give you quality while retaining value for money.

There are three basic types of shutters, the solid, the café style and the plantation shutter.

The solid shutter is most often used in older style properties where it is more in keeping with the décor of the house. They look particularly nice when they are folded back during the day.

The café style shutter only covers the bottom half of the window and are often found in cafés and restaurants; they are probably not what you want in your home.

The plantation shutter is the most versatile shutter and it is ideal for almost any property. Most people go for wooden plantation shutters as they look great and you can get them in a wide variety of colours although the most popular colour is white.

For rooms that may have condensation, such as bathrooms and kitchens, it would pay to use PVC plantation blinds as they are impervious to water.

Shutters are also effective security devices as the last thing a burglar wants to do is attract attention by getting stuck in a blind. That may seem rediculous but it has happed more than once.

If you want plenty of light in your room you should choose as wide a slat size as possible as this will allow the maximum amount of daylight. Alternatively, if you prefer to retain your privacy while the shutters are open, a smaller slat size will reduce people from looking in at the slight expense of less light being available to reach the room.

What should you look for when purchasing a window shutter?

Before purchasing, you should decide the following:

·         What type of shutter do I want?

·         Will it be made out of wood or PVC?

·         What color do I want the shutter to be?

·         What slat size would be best for my windows?

·         If you chose wood, do you want it painted or stained?

·         Do you want the shutter inside or outside of the window pocket?

·         Do you want to do the entire house at one go?

·         Or will you do the front first and the back later?

·         Will I fit the blinds myself or get the blind company to do it?

Shutters give improved insulation over normal blinds and are more versatile. Window shutters prices are usually below that of the equivalent size blind or drapery purchase.

Shutters are also easy to maintain and keep clean as they don’t attract dust and dirt like drapes do. A quick wipe over every now and then will soon have them shining like new; no need to take them down, put them through the washing machine and hang them up again.

Another type of shutter designed to be used outside the house is outdoor window shutters. As the name suggests, this type of shutter is fitted outside the house in front of the window. Outdoor window shutters offer increased security while still leaving the outside of the house looking good.

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