Different Types of Aluminum Shutters in Sydney

Image of an Aluminum Shutters in Sydney

Image of an Aluminum Shutters in Sydney

Aluminum shutters are excellent additions to any home outdoor space. Shutters made from aluminum function as window treatments that provide shade and protection from sun, wind and rain.


Aluminum plantation shutters are a favourite among Sydney home homeowners for many reasons. In this article, we will share some of the benefits of purchasing plantation shutters made from aluminum. Hopefully, these benefits and  features will inspire you to have shutters installed in your home exterior spaces, too!



  • High-Reflective



Aluminum is a highly-reflective metal that keeps the harsh rays of sun from causing damage to your property and also keeps your indoor space as well as patio cool and comfortable. This is the perfect solution if you are living in regions of Australia that receives sunshine most days of the year.



  • Heat Storing Capacity



This is one of the major benefits of plantation shutters made from aluminum material. Not only does it reflect sunlight, but it also has the ability to store heat within it. It is ideal for use  in regions or places that experience harsh cold winters. This can reduce the need for heating inside the home, thus saving money on energy bills.



  • Ample Protection Against Damage of Property



The sleek and classy aesthetics of aluminum shutters also doubles as protection against damage caused by violent storms and forest fires. The sturdy construction of aluminum plantation shutters will effectively absorb the heat from nearby fires as well as protect the home from smoke and high temperatures.


Unlike canvas awnings that are porous in nature, aluminum shutters can withstand heat from fires without incurring damage. Lastly, aluminum shutters protect the inside of your home from vandalism and theft when you are away from home.
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