Here are Reasons Why You Should Install Retractable Awnings at Home

Here are Reasons Why You Should Install Retractable Awnings at Home

Here are Reasons Why You Should Install Retractable Awnings at Home

If your home has an outdoor space that you use to relax in, such as a patio or a deck, it is highly possible that you are considering purchasing furnishings for it, such as an umbrella. Before you go through with this though, you should know that you have another option when it comes to additional protection: high quality retractable awnings


Yes, retractable awnings will be slightly more expensive than a traditional patio or deck umbrella, but you can rest assured that it is a worthwhile investment. If you are still having a hard time deciding, just take a look at the reasons below as to why an awning is definitely a much better option than the more conventional umbrella. 



  • Awnings are More Durable 


High quality awnings are made of materials that are sturdy and durable. The manufacture of these exterior window treatments is better than that of traditional patio or deck umbrellas. Retractable awnings can also be designed to meet your unique needs and the specific configuration of your home. 


Traditional patio or deck umbrellas, on the other hand, are highly susceptible to damage brought about by environmental elements, such as wind, rain, and snow. While it is true that traditional patio or deck umbrellas today are stronger than the old versions, they still have these disadvantages. 



  • Provide Greater Coverage 



Another good reason awnings are strongly recommended is that they provide greater coverage. With a conventional patio or deck umbrella, the shade is very limited, since these exterior devices are smaller. A high quality retractable awning, on the other hand, can be made to size. Most of the pre-made awnings are already large, so if you simply need a standard awning, you can purchase one and get ample shade. 



  •  Reduce Energy Expenses and Save Money



If you interview other home owners who make use of top quality awnings, you will learn that they are enjoying much lower electricity expenses since they no longer have to just rely on their air conditioning systems when they want to get away from the heat. And since awnings provide more coverage compared to traditional patio umbrellas, the whole family can enjoy the shade they provide while taking in and enjoying the fresh air outdoors. 


If you wish to know more about the benefits that retractable awnings can provide, click here. Here you will find everything you need to know about these flexible and sturdy window treatments. For enquiries or if you wish to request a quote, you may also reach us on 0291977350 today.