How to Clean Timber Venetian Blinds in Sydney with Ease

How to Clean Timber Venetian Blinds in Sydney with Ease

How to Clean Timber Venetian Blinds in Sydney with Ease

How to Clean Timber Venetian Blinds in Sydney with Ease

A lot of people are choosing timber venetian blinds in Sydney over aluminum and plastic venetian blinds because they’re much more durable and they have a nicer appeal to them. Aluminum and plastic venetian blinds not only have a cheaper look to them, they also tend to bend more readily than timber blinds do.

Timber venetians are so versatile that they dress up a room hanging alone, so you don’t need to have curtains or drapes. However, if you like having curtains and drapes timber venetians look great hanging behind them as well.

Many people choose plastic or aluminum blinds because they think they are easier to clean than timber venetian blinds, but it’s not really that hard to keep the timber blinds clean if you know what to do to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that cling to them.

First of all, you never want to submerge timber venetians in water because the wood will soak up the moisture and it may cause the blinds to become warped and damaged. You also want to be careful not to use harsh chemicals to clean the blinds to avoid damaging them or stripping the coloring off of them.

The easiest way to remove dust from timber venetians is to vacuum them. Adjust the slats of the blinds so that they are closed flat. Then take a small brush attachment from your vacuum and vacuum the slats in a right to left or left to right motion. Just start at one side and move the brush across the slat to the other edge. Once you’ve vacuumed one side of the blinds, adjust them so you can vacuum the other side the same way.

Vacuuming the dust off of them is easier because if you use a duster, you will have dust flying all over the room and it will settle on all your other furniture as well as settling back down on the blinds you’re trying to clean. Vacuuming them will keep the dust from flying all around.

To clean off any dirt that the vacuum doesn’t get, just wipe each of the slats with the cloth. This will not only remove any dust or dirt that was left behind, but it will also shine up the blinds.

For best results, you should clean the blinds once a week. This will keep the dust to a minimum and will allow you to clean them quickly.

If your timber venetian blinds are not painted, you can also use a little bit of wood polish to shine them up and this will also help to reduce the amount of dust that sticks to them. Do not use wood polish if the blinds are painted because it may strip the paint.

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