How to Choose the Right Type of Plantation Shutters for Different Rooms

Image of Plantation Shutters for your Sydney Home

By now, you are probably aware of the main factors to take into consideration when shopping for window shutters. These include the materials they are made from, their colour, style, size, as well as your budget. 

Also, you should be aware of the fact that there are shutters that are better options for certain rooms compared to the other types available on the market nowadays. 

The question is, “Which type of window shutter is best for which room?” To help you get a much clearer idea, take a look at the following suggestions. 


•    For the living room and other living spaces

These rooms are ones that get the most amount of natural light. In these areas of your home, a good option is to install wooden plantation shutters. These window treatments provide you with adequate privacy during the day while also giving an overall stylish and more modern look. 


•    For the kitchen

Aluminum blinds are good options for windows that are near kitchen sinks. Aside from being easy to clean and maintain, these window treatments do not suffer significant water damage. 


•    For bedrooms

Aluminum and PVC shutters are probably the most commonly preferred window treatments for bedrooms since they provide utmost privacy. The louvers can also be adjusted to completely block light during the day or want sunlight to penetrate into your bedroom. 


•    For bathrooms

While moisture present in the air does not have a significant impact on top of window treatments, prolonged exposure can still affect its overall quality. When choosing which type of window treatment to install and fit in bathrooms as well as areas that have high moisture levels, it is better to choose aluminium window shutters. 


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