How to Clean Vertical Blinds?

How to Clean Vertical Blinds?

How to Clean Vertical Blinds?Imagine you have had a long hectic day cleaning your home. The floor has been swept clean, and the windows are all tidy. Then you turn your gaze towards your vertical blinds and discover they are filthy.


When you consider that these blankets are nothing like a blanket or shirt, you may think that you require special vertical blind cleaning tools to wash them which is not necessarily the case.


In this post, we will take a look at a few simple steps that you can adopt to clean your vertical blinds. You might be pleasantly surprised that your living areas look cleaner and more rejuvenated.


How to clean vertical blinds free of mould and dirt?

So what is the best way to clean your blinds? Before starting the cleaning process, you need to prepare a tub or any container large enough to fit your blinds. Make sure that the container is clean as you do not want more dirt and grime on your vertical blinds. Moreover, your cleaning solution should not mix with anything that could ruin your blinds.


Start by removing the blades on your vertical blinds. You have to be very gentle so you do not end up damaging them. You can remove each blade gently by slowly jiggling them up, and it should come off quickly although designs might vary. The blades on some vertical blinds have a lock at the bottom which you will need to remove as well.


Some vertical blinds have weights at the bottom to hold them in place. You will need to detach them before cleaning the blades, In most cases, the weight is inside a Velcro pocket for easy cleaning.


Simple steps for cleaning vertical blinds at home

Fill your tub with warm water mixed with a mild laundry cleaning agent. If your vertical blind is white, then you might want to add a cap of bleach as well.


Remove any dry mould on the blades by gently wiping it off with a soft brush. You can then soak a few blades at a time with your cleaning solution. Notice how the water changes from clear to dirty white.  It is a good indication of how much dirt was on your blind. If any dirt remains, brush the spot gently until it is thoroughly clean.


Vertical blinds are fragile so be as gentle as possible.  After you have washed all the shades, let all the water out and fill the tub with cold, clean water to rinse it.


Last but not least, wipe each blade dry with a paper towel. You can then hang the vertical blinds to thoroughly dry. If necessary, put a rag or a towel underneath the blades to catch droplets of water which might mess up the floor.


Cleaning vertical blinds with a steam cleaner

Not to keen about going through the steps mentioned above? Many recommend the use of a steam cleaner for such a purpose. The treatment can be applied directly, and you need not take the vertical blinds down.

However, overexposure to a steam cleaner can damage your vertical blinds. Hence most reputable manufacturers do not recommend it.
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