How to reduce sun damage to your furnishings and also reduce your cooling costs this summer

How to reduce sun damage to your furnishings and also reduce your cooling costs this summer

Taking simple steps to prevent direct heat gain at your windows will mean you avoid sun damage to your interiors and reduce your cooling costs as well.

You see, approximately 30 per cent of your home's energy costs in the summer can be spent controlling energy gain & loss through your windows and doors, and the biggest windows in your home are the ones that often cause the biggest problem.

Windows facing west present severe heat gain challenges due to the direct summer sun in the afternoon. Make it your top priority to install window treatments on those windows that feel the warmest in summer as about 53 per cent of all heat entering the home in the summer comes through windows that aren't covered.

By using timber shutters which are made from a dense material, rather than a flimsy material like fabric curtains, means a greater efficiency in stopping the transference of heat into a room.

While anything is better than nothing when it comes to covering your windows, and reducing UV damage, installing timber shutters can offer you a great combination of superior energy efficiency, outstanding UV protection, and the opportunity to control light and temperature throughout the day. This all adds up to a far more comfortable home for you and your family.

Remember too some of your home's worst problems with glare, UV exposure and energy loss can be traced to those specialty-shaped windows. That's because they're the ones least likely to have window treatments and those odd-shaped windows are often the hardest to reach, which makes it worth considering shutters that don’t need to be adjusted frequently.

Considering new window treatments for your home is about more than just what looks good. With shutters from Shutters Australia you can have it all – timeless elegance, energy efficiency, a comfortable home and good looks – what more could you want!