Is the Price of Wooden Shutters Worth It?

Image of a quality wooden shutters

Image of a quality wooden shuttersDespite having been around for centuries, hardwood remains a premium choice of material in home fixtures and window treatments are no exception. People pay good money for a set of quality wooden shutters. You might be wondering though — is it worth it? What advantages can you expect from these shutters? These are good questions as the price of timber shutters can be steep, and there are plenty of modern alternatives in the market.

How much can you expect to spend on external timber shutters?

On average, people spend at least $2,000 on a set of quality wooden shutters. The total cost of wooden plantation shutters varies greatly depending on the size and type of hardwood you are getting. By comparison, modern composite shutters made from a synthetic and moisture-resistant material like PVC cost about $80 to $200 per window.  So why would you want to spend more for wooden plantation shutters?

Consider the following advantages:

  • Excellent insulation — you can get wooden plantation shutters for the same reason people turn to wood for their window treatment. Timber shutters do an excellent job of blocking out the harsh elements whether it is excessive sunlight or cold air.
  • Conserves energy — as an insulator, hardwood not only blocks out excessive heat and cold but also helps retain indoor temperatures to a comfortable level. This reduces the strain on your cooling or heating appliances which translates to lower energy expenses.
  • A straightforward way of maintaining privacy — merely adjust the tilt rod on a wooden shutter to the desired angle. You can maintain a view of the surroundings while hindering people from the outside from taking a peek at what is inside your home.
  • Timber shutters are a long-term investment and are more durable than most other kinds of window treatments. Unlike blinds, wooden shutters do not bend or break and can last for decades with minimal upkeep.


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