Manual Versus Motorised Retractable Awnings

Manual Versus Motorised Retractable Awnings

Manual Versus Motorised Retractable Awnings

Are you in the market for so called “retractable awnings”? It’s a great way to maximise enjoyment of outdoor spaces – patios, porches, pavilions; all the while maintaining much needed versatility. Unlike its fixed counterpart, retractable awnings can be folded away in bad weather or in times when you’d prefer an unobstructed view of the landscape. In any case, you’ll need to make one important decision when buying one – should you opt for a manual awning or a motorised one?

In this piece we’ll go over the pros and cons of each type of retractable awning. Only then can you make an informed decision on which one actually suits you best. Let’s get right to it!

Manual retractable awnings

As the name implies, manual foldaway awnings require a bit of manpower to retract or extend into place. It’s simple enough and has fewer moving parts which means you can expect fewer technical problems along the way. The absence of complex parts also make it a lot more durable and easier to install. Many often put it up themselves saving on installation cost and freight charges. Not that it’s expensive; prices of retractable awnings that are manually operated tend to be a lot cheaper than motorised versions.

What about motorised retractable awnings?

If you prefer the added convenience and don’t necessarily mind the added cost then you’d do well to consider opting for motorised retractable awnings. These foldaway awnings don’t come cheap but can be folded or extended at a push of a button. Perfect for conveniently adjusting the awnings to changing light conditions without even breaking a sweat.

That said, the technology behind it does have its downsides. Apart from cost, the motor and electronics do wear out over time which will cost money to repair or replace. The complex assembly can also take a toll on durability and require regular maintenance. Not to mention professional installation fees as you can forget about trying to install these types of awnings yourself. Still most people would agree that the convenience and versatility it offers are well worth the trouble.

So there you have it – a few pros and cons that you’d do well to consider when choosing foldaway awnings. Looking to get started? Check out our fine selections here at Shutters Australia or call us today on 1300 853 206 to learn more. We offer some of the best deals when it comes to retractable awnings in Australia!