Outdoor Plantation Shutters Benefits and Costs in Sydney

image of a Plantation Shutters for Exterior

image of a Plantation Shutters for ExteriorOutdoor plantation shutters are quality window treatments that you should consider the next time you plan for a home renovation project. As Australia enjoys sunny weather majority of the year, it’s only right to make the most out of the perfect weather by installing an outdoor living space such as a patio or a gazebo. And what better way to add value to your home than installing outdoor plantation shutters. With its timeless elegance and flexible functionality, it’s one investment you will never regret.


Why use outdoor aluminum plantation shutters?


Aside from the modern elegance that plantation shutters bring to the table, they also deliver a host of benefits.


  • Provide much-needed shade from harsh sunlight and adequate protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Assists in proper ventilation inside the home and around your exterior living space. As plantation shutters can be installed on the exterior part of the of the wall, you can regulate the entry of air and sunlight quite easily.
  • Security is yet another strength of aluminum plantation shutters. With its durable and strong construction, you prevent burglars from entering your home.
  • Aluminum shutters are strong and built to last a lifetime. With proper care, a plantation shutter made from aluminum can last for many years, or even decades in some cases. And since aluminum does not rust, you don’t have to replace them at all.


How much do plantation shutters cost in Sydney?


Due to the durable and versatile nature of exterior plantation shutters made from aluminum, expect to cash out at least $250 per square metre. Increasing the quantity of your orders may potentially reduce the price. Typically. Aluminum shutters are custom made, thus the price per metre includes installation fees, too.


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