Popular Options in Window Awnings for Homes

Popular Options in Window Awnings for Homes

Popular Options in Window Awnings for Homes

Are you interested in installing window awnings ?

Awnings for homes represent one of the most highly sought after window treatments in the market today and for good reasons. Awnings not only have the potential to improve the aesthetics of your home but also makes it more energy efficient; a must-have for people looking to reduce their energy expenses any way they can. You’ve got to wonder though- what do you need to know about choosing the right window awnings for your home? How exactly can these awnings be of benefit to you? Let’s get right to it!

Available choices in window awnings for homes

One of the first things that you need to know about getting awnings for homes is that these awnings are available in various types and can differ greatly in terms of function and design. In order to choose the right window treatment for your home, you need only delve into these differences and opt for the ones with characteristics that are most suitable to your needs and personal preferences.

A few of the most popular type of window awnings in the market includes:

Metal awnings for homes

Awnings that are made of steel or aluminium are highly recommended for people that value durability and resilience above anything else. Metal awnings also offer superior protection against the elements and guaranteed to serve you for many years to come.

Of course metal awnings are not without its share of drawbacks; its often more expensive than most of its counterparts and fairly limited in terms of design. You can probably attest to this yourself by taking a short stroll around the neighbourhood and you’ll probably see numerous homes with similar metal window awnings installed. Metal awnings are also difficult to install and often require professional help which may drive costs even higher. Having said that, many people would agree that metal awnings are a good long term investment for any home.

Canvas awnings for homes

Yet another popular choice in awnings in terms of material is canvas with its wide range of colours and design options. Canvass awnings are the cheapest of the bunch and you’re guaranteed to find one that’ll suit your design preferences.

As a choice of material though, canvass is relatively frail and don’t nearly last as long as most of its counterparts. With continued exposure to the harsh elements, decay and discolouration is bound to occur and you’ll generally have to replace it in a year or so. Fortunately, canvass awnings are fairly affordable and easy to install which makes infrequent replacements hardly an issue.

Wooden awnings

Wood is inarguable the timeless and most popular choice in window treatments and awnings are certainly no exception. Granted a wooden awning will cost you but its a material that can be easily integrated into most homes. With the right treatment, wooden awnings will lasts you a long time and provide adequate protection against the elements. However you do need to consider the climate in your area ; regions that are prone to excessive rainfall as it causes wood to decompose quickly with frequent exposure to moisture.

So there you have it – a few of your most popular options in window awnings! Looking to get started with some of the best deals in the market? Check out our fine selections here at Shutters Australia or call us today on to learn more about your options when it comes to awnings for homes.