Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco Blinds for Sun control and Privacy

Significantly reduce temperatures and control glare while providing weather protection, comfort and privacy. Large span Wire Guides, Channel Guides, Café Screens and Straight Drop Awnings can transform hot areas into comfortable living spaces.


Motorising and Automation can be applied to most systems with optional Timers, Remote Transmitters and Wind, Sun and Rain sensors for complete peace of mind when your away from home. Come home to a cool home.


High Tech fabrics have been developed to provide Sun Protection, Durability and Low Maintenance. Screen Fabrics can block 95% of radiant energy, while still allowing soft, diffused light to brighten the interior. “Block Out” does not need to be Dark. Resistant to moulds and fading, they can be easily cleaned for a long lasting “new” look for many years.