Replacing the Slats on Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Replacing the Slats on Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Replacing the Slats on Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Replacing the Slats on Plantation Shutters in Sydney

Need help replacing the slats on your plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters in Sydney makes a wonderful addition to any home and is considered the top choice for window treatments in the country. Plantation shutters are not only functional but also stylish often serving as a focal point in many homes. These shutters are also tough and often offered with a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately a number of its other components can still break and may require replacement over the years.

In this article we’ll tackle the replacement of slats and how to go about it on your own. Of course you can always opt to call in a contractor but if you’re keen on doing the job yourself then read on!

How to replace the slats on your plantation shutters in Sydney

You can start by gathering the tools that you need:

  • A wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • A Knife
  • Repair pin
  • A new nylon shutter pin to replace your old one

Do you have everything you need? Proceed by carefully tacking out the affected slat. Remove the shutter panel and place it somewhere safe. This will allow you to work on the slat in need of replacement. This slat (also known as a louver) is part of the mechanism that opens and closes the planks on your plantation shutter.

Proceed to do the following

  • Locate the staple connecting the slat to the tilting rod and remove it. You may have to cut the top of staple with a wire cutter in order to do this. Bend the corners of the staple and carefully take out the damaged slat. In some designs, the slat may be secured by a pin which you’ll have cut using your utility knife.
  • Proceed to install the new slat by positioning the tilt rod in the open position. If there was a pin in the assembly, replace it with a nylon shutter pin. Locate the pinhole on the shutter assembly and carefully set the larger end of the repair pin unto the slot. Push the replacement pin down to release the spring and move the slat until you are able to insert the pin to secure the shutter.
  • Check you work by adjusting the tilt road. Your replacement slat should move as normal then put everything back in place.

Sounds a tad bit too complicated? Would you rather have a professional tradesman take care of it for you? Call Shutters Australia today on 1300 853 206! We offer some of the best prices for plantation shutters in Sydney!