Steel Awnings vs Aluminum Awnings- Which One is Best for your Home?

Image of a high quality Retractable Patio Awnings

The most popular materials used for making awnings  are steel and aluminum. Awnings extend the utility and functionality of outdoor space as well as protect indoor spaces from the sun’s UV rays, strong winds, and rain.

Awnings protect outdoor wooden furniture and fixtures from excessive moisture which can cause severe damage. Although the most common awnings are made from canvas, you may want to choose metal or aluminum awnings instead. 

In this article, we will provide a brief overview of metal and aluminum awnings and the advantages of using them in your home. 



  • Aluminum Awnings


Aluminum awnings are less expensive compared to awnings made from stainless steel. They are also lighter which makes installation easy and fast. They are perfect for homes with modern architecture and design. 

Aluminum awnings require regular maintenance. A waterproofing treatment is ideal if you decide to install aluminum awnings in your home’s exterior to prevent the development of rust.



  • Metal Awnings


Steel or metal awnings are commonly made from durable and sturdy copper. They are the most reliable in constructing awnings for home exteriors. They are best for protecting the home from fierce UV rays of the sun as well as strong winds and heavy rains. Steel awnings are low maintenance as they do not show any signs of rust or deterioration through the years, A quality steel awning can keep its original state for as long as 30 years with minimal maintenance. Although steel awnings require a higher initial cost for construction and installation, they are good investments over time. 


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