Sydney’s Reputable Window Shutter Company Reveals The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Image of a high quality plantation shutters by Shutters Australia

You’ve finally decided that it’s time to give your windows a new look. But what do you replace those old curtains with? If you’re looking for an elegant, effective, and low-maintenance window treatment, plantation shutters should get your serious attention.  

To learn more about the benefits of using plantation shutters for your home, continue reading. 


–    Highly-Customisable Window Treatments

You can have window shutters made to fit your existing window frames perfectly. Several companies now specialise in producing customised plantation shutters. The best part is that you can mix and match the material with a variety of finishes, shapes, and colours.


–    Offers Optimal Privacy for You and Your Family

Plantation shutters are characterised by louvers or horizontal slats that allow sunlight to enter your home. The louvers can be adjusted at any angle hence you can close them for optimal privacy at night. Consequently, you can fill your indoor space with natural light simply by adjusting the louvers again at a different angle. 


–    Low-Maintenance Window Treatment

Another advantage of choosing motorised roller shutters is that they are easy to maintain, ensuring excellent aesthetics and functionality for many years to come. Unlike curtains that need to be washed regularly, plantation shutters only need the occasional dusting and wiping of louvers with a damp cloth. Wooden plantation shutters retain their elegant appearance simply by the application of a wood cleaner at least once monthly. 


–    External Window Shutters for Outdoor Spaces

One of the major benefits of plantation shutters is its versatility. It is now commonplace for homeowners to use external window shutters to extend their living space outdoors. External window shutters are typically made from sturdy aluminum that can withstand rain, snow, strong winds, and other external factors. 

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