The 3 Advantages of Window Blinds in Alfresco Installations

The 3 Advantages of Window Blinds in Alfresco Installations

The 3 Advantages of Window Blinds in Alfresco Installations

Alfresco or outdoor blinds have grown in popularity in the past few decades. The increasing awareness about the benefits of outdoor blinds is mainly due to its excellent qualities as well as affordability they feature.  

As the name implies, outdoor blinds are window installations that are meant to be used for outdoor spaces. Alfresco blinds come in a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, plastic, and aluminium. Outdoor blinds made from sturdy materials such as aluminium and metal are best sellers as they deliver the best value to homeowners.

For homeowners looking to create modern and sleek exteriors, the installation of outdoor blinds is highly recommended as well. The minimalistic and clean finish of Alfresco windows make it an excellent choice if you want a more polished look for your home’s facade.


There are many advantages to choosing to install alfresco screens and blinds. Here are the top reasons why outdoor blinds are trendy and being installed by many homeowners in Sydney:


  • Outdoor blinds commonly feature slim and sleek profiles that increase the aesthetic appeal of the home


Most outdoor blinds are made from timber, PVC, and aluminium pieces that require a few reinforcements, hence giving your exterior space a clean and contemporary look. 


  • Lightweight but sturdy window treatments


Materials used for outdoor blinds are lighter but are highly-durable too. Blinds that have slimmer profiles add a more sophisticated look while ensuring durability so you don’t have to worry about inclement weather damaging your window treatments. 


  • Low Maintenance window installations


Many homeowners are becoming interested in outdoor window blinds as they are easier to clean. Alfresco blinds are treated so that it can weather heavy rains, snow, intense heat, and strong winds. The blinds are manufactured and cured to retain their shine and strength for many years with minimal to low maintenance.

With all these benefits, it is not surprising that homeowners are now adding alfresco blinds and screens to their home.  They are also very affordable if you consider the low-maintenance costs and the exceptional durability that they deliver. 

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