The Different Types of Materials for Home Awnings

The Different Types of Materials for Home Awnings

The Different Types of Materials for Home Awnings

An awning functions as an alternative roofing system that helps regulate exposure to sunlight and heat in both the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. 

Awnings come in fixed and retractable varieties and can be made using various materials including vinyl, wood, aluminum, and even soft fabrics. Awnings also deliver cost-effective benefits as they help in bringing down energy costs all year round.


What are the main functions of home awnings?

– They provide shade outside the home

Installing home awnings above outdoor living spaces provide a pseudo-ceiling or shade that can help protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and other external elements such as rain and wind. Retractable awnings are becoming more popular as its retractability features allow users to fold them away during fine weather.


– Protect your furniture and appliances with home awnings

Home awning installation delivers protection to both indoor and outdoor furniture, upholstery, and valuable artworks. With a retractable awning, you can provide partial to full protection from the elements. You don’t have to hide or move your furniture pieces for the fear that sunlight and other external factors will destroy them over time.


What are the different types of materials used for awnings?

· Fabrics

Fabrics for awnings are highly flexible materials since you can choose one colour or design that complements the design and architecture of your home. You can also add extras to your awnings to make it look more pleasing to the eyes. Some extras include scallops, tassels, keyhole valances, and contrasting trim among many others. These extras can certainly brighten up the exterior of your home.


· Aluminum

Aluminum awnings are becoming popular home installations as they are both durable and lightweight. There are motorised aluminum awnings that homeowners favour since they require minimal upkeep and can last for many years without damage, too.


· Fiberglass

Home awnings made from fiberglass are an excellent alternative to aluminum awnings. They typically come opaque and translucent varieties. Fiberglass is a cost-effective awning material so you don’t have to worry about expensive quotes if you wish to install some in your home.


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